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Welcome to the first ever Soul Position Monthly Newsletter where we will share some unique insights and projected trends, based upon analytic-data generated from our homepage, current events, and historical influences.  Let’s begin…

“The human spirit is the anomaly in the system”.


(1) Psychotronic Weapons, Electronic Harassment, Targeted Individuals, and Gang Stalking
(2) I overheard how reporters talk about Tommy Robinson
(3) 4Chan Trolls Mock ‘False Flag’ Bomb Scare By Making Parody ‘Bombs’ Of Their Own
(4) Nick Cannon About Kanye West: “MKULTRA is Real!”
(5) Uranium One: FBI Refuses To Release Three-Dozen Secret Memos Involving Clintons, Russia And Obama


There are several trends that become evident while viewing the data through the Soul Position Looking-Glass; there is a growing awakening to government corruption, corporate corruption, and more exacting, to media corruption.  Think Operation Mockingbird meets Perception Management and Full Spectrum Dominance, and the picture becomes more clear.  Let’s get into some of the specifics…

We see an electronic machine consisting of various parts, all working in tandem, generating a synthesized vortex–a sort of artificial gravity that is pulling in the unaware and naive–and outputting technological mechanisms for mass control, and human zombies.  When you interface mind control weapons with “smart” technology, artificial intelligence, the surveillance state, biometrics, social media, mass media, government, and pop culture indoctrination, you see the formation of the technology-centered state–more specifically coined, the “Technocracy”.

(See “Social Credit Score”; “Google Project Dragonfly”; “Uyghur People China”.)

Obama mentor and advisor, and Trilateral Commission co-founder, Zbigniew Brzezinski (also counselor to Lyndon B. Johnson and National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter), authored a book in the 1970’s specific to leveraging technological advances as a means to control the world’s population–effectively and unknowingly.  He labelled this emergent time period, the “technetronic era”.  He also rightfully stated that the “global awakening” was a threat to world government.

The undercurrent to the technocratic trend is startling, for the undercurrent is the actual hidden force powering this agenda forward, and that is world corruption on all levels and multiple facets.

So-called “administrative agencies” appear to be operated as for-profit corporations, forming a corporate-government cartel enforced through the violence of “law enforcement”; comply or pay is the game.  Factor in the mass shootings, alleged bomb-threats, and an assortment of false flags and media staged events, orchestrated by intelligence agencies with the intent to subvert the law of the land and tread upon the people, the trend clearly points to an environment sustained by artificially-induced fear.  This fear is the turnkey to unlocking the current trends and expanding horizons into new paradigms.  The agenda is driven by the seeding, then growing of this fear, and using it as a hook for manipulation and exploitation of the population.

Now to add more depth and perspective to the analysis, let’s consider the pitched battles currently ongoing:

the “Establishment” VS the “Alternative”; the “Group” VS the “Individual”; and the “Traditional” VS the “Progressive” (Technology).

What we see are a grouping of micro-syntheses, enveloped by a larger, macro-synthesis, and, ultimately, the real-time creation of a multidimensional trap laid by those predators hunting human souls.  However, the paradoxical nature of reality seems to point to the fact that the more chaos and interference foisted upon humanity and the human psyche, the seemingly quicker we awaken to such harsh realities and mitigate the detrimental and harmful effects caused by the superimposed systems of control.

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