Sequential Incarnations VS Simultaneous Incarnations

I think a lot of this info comes from the Matrix 5 book which goes into some detail on this and it’s pretty interesting. I think some people like Alex Collier also give bits of info on this without necessarily using the sequential/simultaneous terms. The main idea is that sequential incarnations incarnate on one timeline at a time while simultaneous incarnations incarnate on multiple timelines at the same time. Simultaneous incarnations are on the fast-track to spiral out of this density while sequential incarnations are on a much slower path.

The thing is, there is no such thing as time in the universe, at least at the highest levels. Everything is already happening at the same time in the universe so it makes me question these two concepts. I kind of think they’re two terms we use to label something that needs much more explanation than simply the label.

I think we really get the whole incarnation/reincarnation thing wrong in a lot of ways. I don’t fully understand it, and I think it is hard to understand because of how a no-time / everything-is-one reality is tricky to understand as a human.

We first have to talk about the types of consciousness in the world. We hear talk about greys and how they’ve very unemotional and robotic, because they basically are robots, at least the smaller drone ones. So these ETs are pretty much entities whose consciousness only goes as high as 3rd density. They are 3rd density robots without a soul, or higher density source. They are empty hardware with no pineal gland or higher connection to spiritual things. So these types of entities are “one with all” only up to a point.

Then we have Reptilians and these types of entities which from my understanding hang around the 4th density. They are a bit more conscious than a robot, but they don’t have that higher connection into 5th density where deception and things of this nature don’t really take place. So these entities are “one with all” up to this level.

Then if we jump to humans (some humans anyway) we are looking at an entity whose higher consciousness reaches up to 11/12th density which is pretty much the highest universal level according to some.

So we have these different ranges of consciousness that I think first need to be considered before even talking about reincarnation. Reincarnation would look a lot different to a 3rd density robot than it would to an 11/12th density human. These two things have totally different natures. A robot isn’t really supposed to evolve. A robot isn’t coming down from a higher density to experience 3rd density. A human is coming down from a higher density to experience 3rd density. So a robot isn’t incarnating the same way as a human. A human has a place to go after this experience because the source of a human is much higher than this experience. A robot doesn’t have a place to go after this incarnation.

Even something like a 4th density being has a much different need for its soul than a 5th, 6th, 7th, etc density being. These are all descending into lower densities from different starting points. So incarnation to each one of these entities means very different things.

So I think most of this depends on where the source consciousness is coming from and which containers we are using to contain it when we talk about sequential/simultaneous incarnations. And I think the universe is open to infinite possibilities. Most human bodies probably have consciousnesses that are sourced in higher densities but maybe they don’t all. According to Matrix 5 many of the spirits here are one step up from animals, which is why everyone is so stuck in group mentality. And where are animal spirits like dogs and cats sourced? Are they high density? Do they vary also? Not all humans are the same. And I hardly doubt there are only 2 strict options of sequential or simultaneous. What does that even mean? Incarnating in multiple places at the same time? At what level? According to what time? From what perspective? And on and on. I think these are terms to explain how consciousness may evolve, but I don’t think evolution is only limited to these two possibilities, and these two possibilities totally depend on how you look at it.

It’s hard to explain fully the way I see it. But I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not that cut and dry. And if anything, everything is simultaneous, not sequential, because there is no time. Everything is happening right now. Everything has already happened and everything will already happen. All possibilities are happening right now and the time we experience is just an illusion created by this reality we are currently tuned into.

Sequential incarnation is a subset of 3D reality, however, the higher levels of reality are simultaneous. And the highest level of reality is more than simultaneous because it doesn’t have time and simultaneous still requires time.

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