Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Imprinting and the Effects of Saturn

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert in astrology or mythology; I am a student of life in the hard-knock school of Earth. This is a story.

When the realization hit home in an actionable way, it all made sense, although, perhaps it ought to have made sense at a foregone fork on this off-beaten path. What am I talking about you ask? What was this revelation? Let me tell you–it was the revelation that certain imprinted thought-patterns, emotions, behaviors, and life-perspectives impressed upon my essence, many years before my adolescence, are of outside origin and influence, and not of my own making.

So where am I going with this? The outside influences (family, friends, peers, society) imprinted my subconscious mind (and emotional-body) with various manipulative, interfering patterns, attachments, and totally parasitic thought-forms that thrive on fear and anxiety. The first step is to filter through your thoughts, feelings, and spirit to discern what is yours and what was imprinted on you–intentionally or unintentionally–with the effects being detrimentally the same none-the-less.

It seems as though this entire reality has conspired to test and push an individual to the edge of their limits, to purify them through this crucible of life, burning away the impurities, and subsequently, regenerating healthier, stronger, and better than your previous state of existence. Arguably, this is a simple yet difficult undertaking. Now juxtapose astrological influence over the top of this imprinting, and the astronomical weight of reality comes bearing down upon you. How do you remain buoyant in this gravity-pulling density? You release what is not yours back to the universal field to be transmuted once again and recycled back into infinity.


Then enter Saturn; the time-keeper; the grim reaper; the task-master and fixed, rigid disciplinarian energy that compresses your soul like piece of coal, until you transform into a diamond in the rough. How do you work through this in a way that is constructive? You do it through structure, focus, and the indomitable human spirit.


The moral of the story is, take personal accountability for what is yours, and discard what was pushed into your space without your conscious knowledge. After you sort that out, put your head down and get to work, until your push through to the other side and begin anew.


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  1. This is a great read! We all have the power to influence our outcomes, emotions, thoughts and state of being with practice.

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