Common Sense For A New Era: Global Technocracy

Common Sense For A New Era: Global Technocracy

by a New Hampshirite


The state of human affairs has been perpetually tumultuous, specifically, within the public sphere of central governments, the political and military apparatus called the “state”, and continues to be the machinery presenting the supreme threat against freedom, with wanton malice, for people everywhere. Formerly manifest as hereditary succession of monarchies, yet presently manifest as a darkening and looming technocratic storm, striking at the nerve of every man, woman, and child, this wanton malice must once again, be checked by the universally sovereign power of the people; inaction now is to the detriment of humanity and life as we know it. This is a call to action.

This author herein, is asserting to the reader, a well-defined prognosis of the current state of American governance and its interwoven incorporation of special interests, including, but not limited to; business; technology; culture; society; national identity; and globalization. This author is presenting information, with insight, and although just as fallible as all others, intends to impactfully influence the framework–or better yet to expand that framework into a wider field-of-vision–of the prevailing, tainted, and limiting paradigm, that is trapping the people in an invisible prison. It is time to break the snares and set ourselves free.

For at least the last one hundred years, since the unlawful adoption and implementation of the Federal Reserve System, being controlled predominantly by international private interests and in concert with domestic enablers and collaborators, freedom erodes incrementally, and increasingly exponentially, since September 11, 2001. Coercion of the people, for the taking of–at least–one third of the fruit of our labor and the handing over of it, to international bankers through the Internal Revenue Service, is continuous. We have been a number as chattel through the Social Security Administration. We have been with bonds and been collateral through the birth certificate.

We are given only color of title to our land; for, we pay exorbitant property taxes to state and local governments or the governments steal our homes and our property in collusion with the banks. We register private property and pay for so-called privileges. Special interests usurp and harvest the people as a resource and commodity, for the gain of the few, at the expense of the many.

Men and women holding titles of nobility as esquires and honors, known as lawyers or attorneys, and judges, have now infiltrated and control all three branches of the government; the Legislature, the Judiciary, and the Executive (both in the state and federal governments).

The people’s right to check the (state and federal) Judiciary, by both the petit and grand juries, has been largely abridged and replaced by Corporate-Judicial Administration. Judges, acting as agents of for profit governmental services corporations, obstruct the people’s right to due process and open and fair proceedings. These governmental service corporations are presenting themselves as lawful and Constitutional Courts, yet are being administered as a business matter conducted by false and misleading statements, without full disclosure of the facts; this is fraudulent and criminal. This fraudulent and corrupt conspiracy is postured upon the public with the intent to disenfranchise, coerce, and extort, under threat of arrest, harassment, assault, unjust fines or false imprisonment, by so-called Law Enforcement (Police (Policy Enforcement)), Lawyers, Attorneys, Esquires, Judges, Honors, and at least, hundreds, if not thousands, of administrative agencies throughout local, state, and federal governments.

The courts steadfastly rule in favor of corrupt and out-of-control corporations over human rights, daily. Corporations usurp legislatures, state and federal, to implement statutory conditions for unjust enrichment, including massive financial bailouts at the expense of the people.

Not only is war a racket; government is the biggest racket.

The executive branches of our states and of the District of Columbia are mouth-pieces for the military-industrial-complex, technocracy, the City of London, and the Holy See. Our local municipalities and states are federally zoned under jurisdiction of the corporate District of Columbia. Further, the few and strong leaders who stood up for freedom and were active in restoring it, have been sent to prison on trumped up charges, sabotaged, and assassinated, as was the case with John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X.

Further still, our food supply is taint with genetically engineered organisms and chemically-laced additives; our water supply is poisonous with fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals; the sky is full of barium, aluminum, nanotechnology, and other contaminants, by aerosol spray, and geoengineers manipulate weather. Farmers are strong-armed by governments and corporations, and ordered to follow their dictates, or be put out of business for non-compliance.

The right to freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms, are under siege by the collusion of rogue factions both within government and the corporate sector. Free elections have been stifled and strictly controlled with private corporations counting the votes for profit, using computer-based electronic voting machines, susceptible to clandestine hacking and manipulation.

The media is complicit as it has become an oligarchy-controlled propaganda machine. Our education, our medicine, and our science have been infiltrated and hi-jacked by other embedded and malicious forces. Terror by deadly attacks like the siege on the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas, the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building, the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombings, and the mass murder at the Washington D.C. Navy yard, among other tragic events, befall us, the people of America.

Despite vast efforts by the people to restore our inalienable rights, the governments fail to adequately or remotely give the people redress to continuous grievances. We must once again respect and implement timeless common sense, for the greatest and best of all involved, with clarity, conscientiousness, and soul purpose.

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Waiting for representatives who fail to represent YOU, who now slavishly represent special interests, to solve the lunacy THEY created to insulate themselves, to prop themselves on the levers of power, and to selfishly enrich themselves at the cost of [y]our well-being, is frankly folly en masse.

To carry on business as usual is to commit mass suicide.

On the Origin of Independence and Establishing the Inalienable Sovereignty of The People

Arguably, it can be said that inalienable sovereignty of every human being has always existed, yet throughout history, been usurped and subjugated by external, self-proclaiming divine authorities; the people can only be governed by consent, with all power ultimately deriving from the people; for it is only natural, in like-image of the Creator of all things, all times, and all dimensions–known and unknown to man–that each individual is sovereign within, having the freewill and ability to self-rule. The root word of inalienable is lien; lien is to hold or to bind, and bind and hold, is to bond; to be liened by the government is to be bonded–enslaved.

Birthrights fail to be created, generated, granted, or issued by a fictional, abstract entity–particularly–by a man made construct known as government, or the “state”.

Congruently, it is forbidden for such a fiction to take, rescind, convert to privilege, or outright squash, your divine right for self-rulership. The accused individual’s rights can be restricted only by due diligence and due process of the highest self-organizing order (divine natural law), under the guidance and oversight of the accused individual’s peers (a public trial by jury, facing accuser), and predicated by the alleged violation and/or (f)actual harm of another living being, or of property.

An actual living, animated being is unable to bring harm to a fiction (government or the “state”); a fiction is unable to accuse a living being of causing it harm, for a fiction is abstract and inanimate, possessing only an imaginary “body politic”. For example, the “state” may (in)cite you for a violation and allege you have harmed the “state”, by speeding on the highway. How can an inanimate, fictional entity be harmed by a flesh and blood, physical being, freely traveling on a public road, paid for, by the traveler?

Self-evidently, all rights are implanted, embedded, and imprinted upon the soul of man and interwoven in the fabric and essence of his multidimensional existence by the Creator of nature and all that is–everywhere, all the time, here and now, forever and beyond–without question or exception.

Throughout history, a sovereign has been known as the “King” or the “Queen”. Under the sovereign authority–or supreme ruler–the subjects of the King or Queen are under the control of the Throne or the Crown. As the perceived sovereign authority, the Ruler of the kingdom grants privileges and gives liberties to the subjects of the kingdom. Any activities outside of this permission are considered a crime against the King or Queen. In other words, the subjects–the human beings living under the rulership of the King or Queen–are bonded or restrained from acting on their own freewill. This is a state of feudalism or slavery.

Today, in so-called civil society, governments are construed as the sovereign authority, ruling over and granting privileges and liberties to the citizens; for example: voting, driving a car, building a home, cutting hair, or practicing an occupation. We are conditioned and schooled to believe that these privileges and liberties are freedom; this is where I must draw the line to illustrate the true definitions of these words.

Additionally, we must know that a creation of man lacks power over the creator; for example, a corporation is a fiction and cannot tell a man or woman–a living being–what he or she, can or cannot do. The same can be said of governments because governments are the creation of men and women. Governments are fictional entities created by human beings. Without people, there are no governments.

So how can a government grant permission or give civil liberties to a human being if a human being is born free? That’s correct, a government cannot give people permission to do what they are naturally free to do; that is to live one’s life without violating or harming other human beings, or property.

Ultimately, the key to understanding the difference between freedom and liberty, and rights versus privileges, is to know what authority and sovereignty are, and where they are derived from.

Human beings, by nature, are the sovereign authority (the author) of their own lives. The notion that a government–a fictional entity controlled by a few–is a sovereign authority over the rest of the people, is a misnomer and based on false-logic, predicated on fallacy and enforced by external powers like politicians, police, military, lawyers, and judges. Unless a human being is harmed or violated by another human being, then there is nothing to be enforced. The idea of law enforcement, or using force by one individual or group of individuals, upon another individual or group of individuals, is, in-of-itself, a violation of human sovereignty and freedom, and, in fact, unlawful.

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Any and all authority to freely exercise all birthrights, resides, within every individual, as the the seed of the soul; that seed which blossoms into fruit of animated creation, manifest in form, as the universal, sovereign human being.

You are born free; you are the sovereign authority of your life; governments use force, coercion, and manipulation to perpetuate fear of reprisal in the individuals of a society. Using force to implement the “law” is a farce, and the current state of the world is not of freedom, but of bondage. You are told by government you have permission and the liberty to exercise privileges authorized by them, and that, any human activity outside of these boundaries is construed as criminal. In reality, acting on your freewill is the essence and true definition of freedom.

From the Dark Ages to the Renaissance, throughout the Enlightenment, and into the Age of Information, the constant of government power leveraged by special interests, has, and is, a threat against freedom that carries on to this moment. Thankfully, the evermore enduring constant is that of the human will and spirit for happiness, health, abundance, and well-being, with tenacity and infinite potential, winning the day of old and new, now and forever.

This notion of inalieanable sovereignty and natural rights (or God-given rights) is enshrined in the state constitutions, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the United States Constitution, and many other sources. For the sake of brevity and to highlight the fact massive volumes of work already cover this information, the author enthusiastically intends to press forward with the current crisis at hand.


⦁ Human Soul, Spirit, Psyche, and Quintessence

⦁ Torah; Bible; Quran

⦁ Magna Carta; English Bill of Rights

⦁ State Constitutions (13 Colonies)

⦁ Federalist Papers; Declaration of Independence; Bill of Rights; U.S. Constitution

On Reconstruction, Martial Federalism, and Globalization

After the Civil War, and under the direction of President Lincoln, the United States of America was in a National Emergency, and worse-off, under Martial Law, due to the complete breakdown and effective dissolution of the United States Congress (and Union) after the Confederate secession, and subsequent Civil War. Nearly every tenet, declaration, safeguard, and principle of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution for the united states of America, were shredded and trampled on by Lincoln. A government operating by warfare, intimidation, coercion, and indentured servitude, is flat-out tyranny and of the worst evil to afflict mankind throughout history.

A state of emergency must come to an end after the bloodshed stops, at the end of hostilities, in this case the American Civil War. There is no excuse for us to be in a state of emergency 160 years after the fact. It has been this Reconstruction Era Martial Federalism that has been the Petri dish for spawning the post-industrial, globalist technocracy; a New Crown lording over human misery, disgustingly disguised as progress, convenience, and champion for 14th Amendment United States Citizens, benevolently granted with Civil Rights, privileges, permits, registrations, taxes, fees, and licenses.

Along with Reconstruction, the 14th Amendment, and the (District of Columbia) Organic Act of 1871, came bureaucratic administrative governmental service corporations, allegedly administering the business of corporate government under martial law. Martial Federalism originated at a time when the union for the democratically republican united states of America (the sovereign states made up of the sovereign people) was destroyed by the Civil War, and rebuilt, as the incorporated seat of the Martial Federalist United States Corporation, under the jurisdiction of the City-State known and operating as, the District of Columbia. The Martial Federalist District of Columbia United States Municipal Corporation is a de facto government that stands and treads on the usurped sovereignty of the people and the states, for the purpose of subjugation and perpetual indentured servitude (slavery), to the New Crown, the Global Technocracy.

Globalization has been around since the days of the East India Company and the British Empire; however, today, we see a truly global orchestration for external, unelected, bureaucratic administration of international public policy, delivered instantaneously and globally, with technology such as satellites, wireless communication, the internet, and personal and super computers, and backed by technologically-enhanced weapons of mass terror and planetary warfare against human subjects everywhere. This global power infrastructure and platform puts the most precise and sensitive dials, buttons, inputs, and codes, in the hands of the few, and to an ever greater extent, to non-human systems, most notably, artificial intelligence; the New Crown; technology.

Again, for the sake of concise communication and for a call to action, this author strongly encourages the reader to read further; research, dig, cross-reference, verify, and effectively utilize the vast databases available to all of us; online, in bookstores, universities, schools, and libraries across this continent. The goal and purpose here and now, is to rally the people–my family, friends, peers, neighbors, community, city, state, region, coast, country, and continent–with clarity and renewed vigor, for freedom, peace, prosperity, happiness, fairness, and common sense, for the benefit of all; for the common good. We must act or lose the human element; the fiery, independent, and free human spirit.

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Thoughts on the Present State of America and the World

The Federal Reserve, Internal Revenue Service, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913; fiat, fractional reserve legal tender (promissory notes/negotiable instruments); usury; the allegedly, Constitutionally ratified 16th Amendment; the New Deal; Birth Certificates; Social Security; the Internal Revenue Service; the United Nations Treaty and the International Monetary Fund; combined, this was the catalyst for a sequence of events laid as plans to prevent the independence of the people. A cunningly executed deception, collateralizing humans as resources, is currently operating with impunity; your birthrights have been converted into chattel (personal property) manifest as negotiable instruments, with rights to the holder in due course (Federal Reserve). What course are we on, and who is holding what? Are human resources–human beings–property? Do you own your body, your mind, and your soul? If not you, then who?

The Federal Reserve System is interfaced with the United States Treasury, the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration, state Departments of Vital Records and Statistics, with the tentacles of Martial Federal Agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency (to name a few of thousands of bureaucratic administrative agencies like Senior Executive Service), as well as, private contractors with governmental service corporation contracts.

The Federal Reserve is the lynchpin of the entire system; gold is gone; oil is a fossil; most legal tender, is not even paper anymore–it’s digital. A genuine cashless society using digital currency backed solely by computer processing power driven by Artificial Intelligence, is the trojan horse threatening freedom everywhere.

Martial Federalism is by all means, part of full-spectrum dominance, to control government, corporate activity, technology, information systems, media, politics, the military, society, culture, and national identity as 14th Amendment U.S. Citizens (indentured servants; slaves; chattel). All of this is done through lawfare and chicanery, usurpation, and outright malice, and the Federal Reserve is the trigger.

The Federal Reserve and United States Treasury were represented at the creation of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank at the Mount Washington Hotel, Brettonwoods, New Hampshire, with the United Nations, in 1944. The Federal Reserve Note officially became the global legal tender, tightly bound together with a plethora of powerful special interests.

Following World War II and the Bretton Woods Agreement, a bi-polar, Cold War engaged the planetary consciousness, and socially engineered humanity with the use of the Hegelian Dialectic; a thesis (Capitalism) verses an antithesis (Communism), creating a synthesis (Globalization), was successfully deployed and effective in its goal. Globalization fully materialized and was executed by international law (treaties) through the creation of the United Nations after the devastation of the war, bankrupting nations, and collateralizing their people as was done to 14th Amendment United States Citizens, after the Great Depression.

Under the public policy set forth by the Federal Reserve, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank (and congruently alongside the Bank For International Settlements and B.R.I.C.S.), the planet is continuously and ruthlessly plundered by special interest groups–the top 1/10th percent (far more concentrated power than the so-called 1%) of the world’s richest families.

Public Policy For Private Profit

At some point along the convoluted lines, Public Law was subtly replaced with Public Policy; duly sworn Peace Officers (public servants) with Policy Enforcement Officers (public employees); the Law of the Land with the Law of the Sea, and that is just for starters. Lawful functions of government and all interactions and transactions between the public and the so-called “state”, and even amongst the people themselves, are now conducted as commerce. Everything is a business transaction, with the corporate fascist cartel profitting astronomically and perpetually. Public Policy For Private Profit is deemed good business, with very powerful privileges to the few.

Building a fascist state guised as business has the people pacified, asleep, and unprepared for the threat.

Statehouses and the National Congress are bought and paid for by special interests including banking, stocks, trading, and economics (Federal Reserve, IRS, FDIC, SEC, FTC, etc.), communications and media (FCC), oil, synthetics, plastic and related products, coal, natural resources like gas, minerals, and nuclear material, and associated methods of electrity production (DOE, EIA, DOI, BLM, FERC, NRC, EPA etc.), food, farming, and food production (FDA, USDA, FSIS, NAL, NIFA, etc. ), medicine (FDA, CDC, HHS, etc.), manufacturing, civilian and military (DOD, FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, etc.), and too many more to name them all. This corporate fascist cartel, operating unchecked and lawlessly as the de facto government of the so-called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORP., is a clear and present danger to the American people, and candidly, to the people of Earth.

The Public Policy For Private Profit model of a hybrid-structure of Corporate Fascism, Martial Federalism, and High Technology, all which converge and merge as the New Crown, the Global Technocracy, is the fall of man and civilization; perhaps the breakup and breakdown is the point of necessity. This is not something that is coming soon; this is here now and exponentially expanding with quantum computing, biological computers, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence.

The labor of the people, is the crux of the crisis; we have been enslaved by an economic (electrical) system that is parasitic, leading only to a certain, prolonged death.

Special Interests, Technology, and Globalization

A hidden component of this entire scheme is the notion of municipal corporations and governmental service corporations–that is government manifest as a parent corporation (DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA/UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) and subsidiaries (STATES), backed by bonds and other negotiable instruments– that operate as for-profit business ventures, as a matter of public policy, without full disclosure of the facts to the people. It is concealed, and then, conveyed as “business-as-usual” and “normalcy”. Consent is only gained by omission, obfuscation, deception, coercion, and real violence, all effectively executed by agents of quasi-public, for-profit, private interests, posing as de jure government, of, for, and by, the people; it is naked tyranny laid bare for all to see.

To reiterate a few things mentioned previously and to highlight the obvious, clear and present danger; the water is poison; the soil is toxic, the air is foul; the food is altered and contaminated; medicine and food are weaponized; nanotechnology is being deployed as a weapon, in conjunction with biological, chemical, and electronic and scalar warfare tactics and strategies, to defeat the indomitable human spirit, to reinforce the already implemented Global Technocracy.

Silicon Valley big-tech corporations are aiding the Global Technocracy, not merely at home, but also abroad, for their biggest customer is the Communist Chinese totalitarian-government, a total humanitarian nightmare. Microchips have been implanted in Iraqis during Operation Iraqi Freedom, in federal workers in Mexico, in unwitting subjects in India, and elsewhere all over the planet. Crytpo-currency is all the rage. Automation is on-demand. The internet-of-things and 5G is a must-have commodity for all.

Compelled at this juncture to be as brief as possible, and to repeat, all of this information has been WIDELY available for many decades, it is a defining moment the people must act upon with appropriate timeliness and exacting precision; we are without excuses, for the time is now, or by inaction, we suffer the predetermined agenda for total, global enslavement.

“Live Free or Die!”

On the Present Ability of America and the World to Transcend Technocracy

Educational Civics

Without education and dissemination of information to the people, ignorance and apathy quickly nullify the ability to self-rule and to cooperate within society, culture, and government, fairly and effectively. It is imperative for the knowledge of natural rights and sovereign authority to be easily accessible and always in the hands, and hearts, of as many of the people as possible, for the greater good of all people. It is properly the responsibility of the people to maintain this knowledge and, more importantly, to realize the guiding force in life, is eternal love.

If local, county, state and federal governments fail to educate children (the future of this world) in the basic principles for inalienable rights, authority, and sovereignty, highlighted and safeguarded in the State Constitutions, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution For the united states of America, then it must be done by the people, at home, and throughout local, state, regional, and national communities.

This author encourages as many people as possible to assist in educating the people by all practical and effective-means possible; it is our duty and obligation to watch, guard, teach, and protect our individual natural rights, but also, our collective natural rights as the human race.

Either publicly built and operated, or done privately, Constitutional Civic Centers ought to be built in as many local and state communities as possible, and throughout this vast land.

Freedom is our birthright.

Disclosure and Reconciliation

First and foremost, without hesitation, there must be Disclosure of larger truths and the reporting of detrimental facts to the people, for the survival and advancement of humanity on Earth, and beyond. If the government fails to uphold it’s duty to inform and make public, any threats to the people by hidden and sinister plots, then the people will ensure the necessary information is presented, openly and fairly. This necessary information must be known, understood, and decided upon by the people, for the best course of action. A free society fails to effectively operate on clandestine and concealed operations of a corporate-fascist governmental-cartel, deploying Public Policy For Private Profit; the Global Technocracy of human enslavement, on the other hand, does operate under a such a veil of secrecy.

If local, county, state, or federal governments fail to address disclosure, then let the people assemble, investigate, gather, analyze, then bundle and disperse disclosure everywhere–North, East, South, and West (but remember it all starts from within, the Center). To a limited extent, this disclosure has already been happening yet has been intentionally muddled by intelligence agencies that perpetuate half-truths and misinformation, to confuse the people. The people need clarity, and they need to ramp up their disclosure efforts.

The most important disclosures that must be prioritized, and subsequently, released to the public through various media formats, at live presentations, and eventually in public schools and universities, are many…including (this is not an exhaustive list)…

⦁ That the federal government and Treasury have been bankrupted by design and the labor of the people has been collateralized for the National Debt which was created by borrowing credit through the fractional reserve banking system of the Federal Reserve

⦁ That the Internal Revenue Service is a collection agency for the Federal Reserve system; the U.S. Treasury (i.e. We The People) is indebted to the Federal Reserve, and the privately held stockholders of the Federal Reserve are making profit at the detriment to the people (This is at best unconstitutional, at worst, the total economic enslavement of the people by design)

⦁ That bad actors working for governments and for corporations have conducted inhumane experimentation on unwitting human subjects, testing in the forms of biological and chemical weapons, electronic and direct energy weapons, drugs, mass mind control, and more

⦁ That bad actors working for governments and for corporations have been engaging in overthrowing foreign and domestic governments by the use of economic warfare, terrorism, mass-shootings, and covert and overt acts of sabotage and war

⦁ Cures for so-called terminal illnesses are available now for immediate implementation

⦁ Highly-advanced technologies like anti-gravity space craft, zero-point energy devices creating endless electricity without pollution, decontamination devices and methods to clean the air, water, and soil, new modes of transportation, communication, and medicine, already exist and are presently in use

⦁ Intelligent Life exists beyond Earth, and humanity has made contact with off-world cultures and civilizations

⦁ There is a much bigger story to human history than we are told, and it goes far past 6,000 years (beyond the “Cradle of Civilization”/Sumer/Mesopotamia/The Fertile Crescent/Babylon/Iraq

Secret deals behind a curtain, labeled and marketed via mass media (perception management) as “National Security”, that elevate and insulate one class of a few above the rest, for personal gain, wealth, and unbridled power, are a threat to people of the 50 states and to people across the planet. Whistle blowers in intelligence agencies and the military, as well as, civilian government agents (and private contractors with government contracts), peripherally involved in a compartmentalized hierarchy, need to come forward and disclose what they know, in order to bring about clarity and reconciliation. Many people are holding pieces of the puzzle; these pieces must be put together so the people can see the big picture. Those willing to come forward, by publicly disclosing the facts to the people, for the common good, need to be defended and shielded from harm. It is the duty of all the people to always do their due diligence and to defend our inalienable rights, our pursuit of happiness, and freedom, for all.

Anyone willing to come forward and cooperate–those who have realized what they have most likely, inadvertently, got themselves involved in–need to be shown compassion and leniency; many people get stuck in a situation they were unaware of and if they attempt to speak up, they are intimidated, harassed, character-assassinated, or worse. Whistle blowers need to be ensured they will be protected against unlawful and harmful action by those who call the shots at the top of the hierarchy.

Again, if any level of government fails to facilitate disclosure and reconciliation, then the people will assemble and deliberate the matter as necessary, in local, county, state, and national assemblies, to coordinate Disclosure.

Governmental Restructuring Plan


Currently, for each seat in the House of Representatives, 1 representative represents, on approximate average, over 700,000 people, and each seat in the Senate, per Senator, represents, on average, over 3,000,000 people! There’s only 535 people representing over 300,000,000 people! What makes matters worse, these 535 people are really representing a few thousand corporations and themselves. How can 535 people rule over hundreds of millions of people and get away with so much malice, destruction, and disrespect for human life and all life, including the planet we inhabit. This is outrageous!

The Constitution explicitly states the representation ratio is set at 1:30,000 people; we are at 1:700,000! The Senate is 1:3,000,000! Wow! To be adjusted for 1:30,000 ratio, with a population of 300,000,000, means there needs to be (on average) 60 representatives per state, or 3,000 representatives total.

Proposed here is the creation of Regional Assemblies to support the National Congress. The Regional Assemblies will be composed of 6 regions: Northeast; Southeast; Midwest; Southwest; West; and Northwest. The Regional Assemblies will have 3,000 elected representatives and 400 Senators. The Regional Representatives will serve a 1-year term, and Regional Senators will serve 3-year terms; neither Regional Representatives, nor Regional Senators can serve more than 15 years total.

Each Region shall select a Regional Capital to build a Regional Assembly Hall, for all Regional-legislative duties and obligations.

The National Congress will be expanded to include 1,000 representatives and 150 Senators. Terms will remain the same as they are now (respectively, 2 and 6-year terms), yet term limits will be imposed; neither Representatives, nor Senators, can serve more than 18-years total.

Executive and Electoral College

The Executive Branch will be expanded as well, and the President and Vice President will be enjoined to an Executive Council, totalling in 6 Executive Counselors, 1 for each region. Presidential/V.P. terms will remain at 4-years, with a 2-term (8-year) limit. However, Executive Counselors will be elected every 3 years, with a 3-term (9-year) limit.

The Electoral College will be expanded to a total of 3,000 electors.

Judiciary and the American Bar Association

The Supreme Court Justices will be elected (not appointed) with a total number of 46 Justices. These 46 Supreme Court Elected-Justices will be determined by congruence with the representation of the 6 Regional Assemblies, and divided in proportion to the census of each Region. Life-terms shall be banned. An elected Supreme Court Justice serves 12-year terms with term limits set at a total, of no more than 36 years.

District Courts and all other Constitutional Courts shall be expanded to match judicial necessity; measures to decriminalize harmless acts, those acts criminalized by statute, shall be necessitated by the National, Regional, and State Legislatures, implemented administratively by the Executive Council and State Governors, and tried by jury. So-called “statutory jurisdiction” is a usurpation of the sovereignty of the people; “statutory crimes” or “victimless crimes” are a violation of natural law–it’s simple–no harm, no crime.

The American Bar Association is a private, for-profit organization that usurps all three branches of the government, but most detrimentally, the judiciary. None-the-less, the ABA is just as harmful to the Legislature and the Executive, both which have been dominated and controlled by American Bar Associates. The ABA must be dismantled and shattered, for a sovereign human being must have recourse, restitution, and remedy, for harm done against them, and/or their property, with justice afforded to them, free-of-charge.

It’s senseless to the common people to be chained by statutory conditions for unjust enrichment, at the cost of individual and collective freedom; the current statutory conditions make plenty of cents for American Bar Association-certified attorneys. In other words, under natural law (no harm, no crime), the practice of law becomes simple and clear-cut–to all. The perfect examples of this obfuscation and trickery crafted by attorneys, are the IRS code and “Obama Care”; statutes of public policy for private profit, with pages numbering in the thousands, written in the widely misunderstood language of legalese. This confusion of so-called has been sewn by a cunning design for the benefit of the few over the many; it is clear to all with eyes to see and ear to hear.

All political parties shall be banned, and all candidates shall run as independents, beheld only by their oath to the Constitution and to serve their constituents, for the greater good of the Union.

Environmental Plan

Plant trees; Public fruit groves, public parks, public gardens; Recycling; Land and water clean-up and decontamination; Natural sewage waste treatment systems; Natural water treatment systems; Urban farming, vertical farming, aquaponics, hydroponics.

Energy Plan

Landfill methane; Solar panels and dishes, fixed and rotating; Microwind turbines, vertical turbines for individual buildings or complexes; Tidal power, hydropower; Hydrogen; Fusion; Zero-point energy; Thorium; unknown sources.

Transportation Plan

Elevated Express Highways (EEH); Elevated Mag-Lev Rail (EMR); Subterranian Express Highways (SEH); Subterranian Mag-Lev Trail (SMR); Flying cars; Hyperloop; new modes of transport.

Every government building (local, state, federal) shall be converted to self-sufficient systems, effectively immediately, without delay. All power grids and energy production must shift to clean, renewable sources effective immediately–this is not to be construed as banning petroleum products, for there are viable applications for oil, as well as clean and safe nuclear power.

In Closing

To drill home the purpose of this writing, let me re-focus on the fact this is a call to action. An astronomical amount of opportunities are at-hand, and we must act individually and collectively, to effectively make these beneficial and necessary changes, at once.

By no means is this document the be-all, end-all, or master plan for Utopia–it is a starting point; it is a spark to ignite the hearts and minds of men, women, and young adults from the Atlantic to the Pacific; from the Northern border to the Gulf of Mexico, and throughout the world. The place is here; the time is now.


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