Birthrights: Divine and Natural Law; Self-Organizing Sovereignties.

Jason Louis Gallien | United States of America

Birthrights fail to be created, generated, granted, or issued by a fictional, abstract entity–generally, but more so particularly–by a man made construct known as government.

Congruently, it is forbidden for such a fiction to take, rescind, convert to privilege, or outright squash your divine right of self-rulership. The accused individual’s rights can be restricted only by due diligence and due process of the highest self-organizing order (divine natural law), under the guidance and oversight of the accused individual’s peers, and predicated by the alleged violation and/or (f)actual harm of another living being, or of property.

An actual living, animated being is unable to bring harm to a fiction (government); a fiction is unable to accuse a living being of causing it harm, for a fiction is abstract and inanimate, possessing only an imaginary “body politic”.

All rights are implanted, embedded, and imprinted upon the soul of man and interwoven in the fabric and essence of his multidimensional existence by the Creator of nature and all that is–everywhere, all the time, here and now, forever and beyond–without question or exception.

Any and all authority to freely exercise all birthrights, resides, within every individual, as the the seed of the soul; that seed which blossoms into fruit of animated creation, manifest in form, as the universal, sovereign human being.


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