Muslim Group Chucks Bricks At Tommy Robinson Supporters At Campaign Event

Infowars Europe

May 18, 2019

Violent protesters with the Muslim Defense League threw bricks indiscriminately at Tommy Robinson supporters at a campaign event outside Manchester, England.

The attack was captured on video by multiple witnesses, and was even live streamed by the MDL on Saturday.

Nearly a dozen police officers at the scene appeared to do nothing to quell the violence.

Rebel Media reporter tweeted that she was struck by an egg and a rock thrown by the MDL.

Robinson is running as an independent in the European Parliamentary election, which starts on May 23.

Robinson has extensively documented Islamic grooming gangs throughout the UK, which resulted in his politically-motivated imprisonment for 13 months in 2018.

∫∫∫  The queen’s lap dog police escorted the thugs and abetted the thuggery….

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