Ron Paul & Alan Grayson Weigh in on Crisis in Venezuela

21st Century Wire

January 26, 2019

Two former U.S. Congressmen, Ron Paul and Alan Grayson, weigh-in on the current turmoil in Venezuela and whether U.S. moves amount to sensible policy by Washington DC.

This week, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro announced he was severing diplomatic ties with Washington, after the Trump administration made public that it is backing opposition leader Juan Guaido, as the country’s interim President. Former U.S. Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul explains the pitfalls of this policy and possible solutions to the crisis, and whether or not it is even possible to export “American values”. Watch:

Former US Representative Alan Grayson (D-Florida) discusses the crisis in Venezuela, and why Washington’s diplomatic recognition of its own hand-picked ‘president’ in Venezuela from abroad is an “Orwellian” and “feckless” gesture – which does nothing for any government’s true legitimacy, and will probably enflame and motivate Maduro’s supporters even more. He also addresses the precarious status of Venezuelan refugees in Florida. Watch:

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