UK Official Admits Mass Immigration Keeps Wages Low

Endless supply of cheap foreign labor damages native population

Westmonster December 13, 2018


Home Secretary Sajid Javid has admitted that mass migration has kept wages low for British workers. The endless supply of cheap foreign labour damaging the prospects of ordinary Brits seems to be finally sinking in.

In an interview with The Spectator, the rumoured Tory Leadership contender said that he was not in favour of a strict limit on numbers, but that it was clear the current open borders approach had hurt the prospects of British workers: “If you can continue to get as much low-skilled labour as you want, where’s the pressure for you to attract more people from the domestic workforce? The obvious way to do that is to gradually increase wages.

He points out that the system has allowed business to rely on cheap migrant labour: “Politicians set the rules. Companies follow the rules. It would be wrong to blame businesses for acting rationally. But it is also the case that, because they had that easy access to labour from abroad, there was a knock-on impact.”

As Javid points out: “There has been very easy access to foreign workers.”

The number of EU workers fell by 132,000 in a year recently, and guess what? Wages started to rise, at their fastest rate since 2008. Funny that.

The question of course is, what are he and the government going to do about it? There is still absolutely no sign of the government actively working to get numbers down to sustainable levels. The last yearly net migration figure was still an eye-watering 273,000.

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