Majority of France Unhappy With Macron

Globalist rhetoric sinks President’s favor with people

Infowars April 19, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron is losing the support of his people, according to a recent poll.

Almost 60% of those polled by L’Obs magazine said they are “unhappy” with their president and around 25% said they were “very dissatisfied,” but a glimmer of hope was offered to Macron:

“The president can nevertheless see a positive sign: he does [have] a lot [more] than Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande at the same date,” said the French magazine.

This sentiment comes around the same time Macron advocated ushering in an “unprecedented” flow of African migrants, saying France and their new population have a “shared destiny” with Africa.

The number analysts give on Macron’s desired surge of African migrants is staggering, up to 200 million over the course of just 30 years.

Whatever dire state Macron thinks the European continent is in, it’s clear he associates nationalism as the source of the problem.

“The illusion of strong power, nationalism, and the abandonment of freedoms has precipitated our continent towards the abyss,” said Macron.

Macron’s full embrace of globalism and every undesirable outcome that it brings will only further sever his connection to his countrymen.

This sharp increase of globalist policy-making and rhetoric serve as the foil to the nationalist movements Europe is seeing, stretching from Hungary to Italy.

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