The Conundrum That Is California

I happened to be perusing a social media site I joined recently (I won’t mention its name) and came across a topic section on the Circus that is California and how Jeff Sessions is suing it. I don’t agree with what California is doing at all with immigration. I don’t agree at all with most things California does.

What really drew a red flag for me, though, was Sessions’ comments about California not having the right to secede. Really? Since when? I thought the Constitution gave the States the power with limited authority to the federal government for defense and interstate commerce. It also was supposed to protect the inherent rights and liberties of the PEOPLE, not delegate “privileges”.

So when I alluded to that fact on a post, I was surprised at some of the comments. Then I looked at other people’s posts and I have to say:

Man people are really missing the boat on this one.

I saw lots of “Lock them up” and “They can’t secede because we fought a war over it”. While having no problems comparing the European UNION to the Soviet UNION (and rightfully so), people seem to be forgetting what Lincoln was really trying to do: save the UNION.  Just read his Letter to Horace Greeley.

There’s a reason the Lincoln Memorial has Fasces on his chair (as well as in Congress).



It’s called STATE POWER. Not people power…

That’s also why Obama gave his pre-inaugural address at the Lincoln Memorial (also known as symbolism).

We’ve given too much power to the federal government (remember “I have a pen and a phone”?). People seem to have forgotten about State’s Rights. People have also forgotten about the power of local governance. What do people in Maine, for example, know about the wants and needs of the people in Nevada? And vice versa? Why do people want more government?

We’ve gotten too addicted to the federal teat and look where it’s gotten us: a bloated, debt-ridden beauracracy that’s quick to relieve us of our hard earned money and then turn around and micro-manage our lives (with threats of force). I thought we wanted FREEDOM, not to be told what to do all the time. I thought the government worked for us (remember civil servants?). And I haven’t even mentioned our foreign military “adventures”.

I could go on and on (would you really want that?), but you get the picture.

Yes the Executive does oversee immigration into the country, so the solution is Trump should pull ICE and all federal funding, and California should secede if they hate it so much.  Good Riddance!


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