After FBI’s Florida School Shooting Debacle, Wray & New York City Mayor de Blasio Team Up For Broadway Show of “Terror” Arrests

There will be a big press conference tonight in Manhattan in a show of law enforcement prowess of how the FBI foiled a would-be terror plot.

The show starts at 8 p.m. — the same time the curtains go up at all the other Broadway shows.

Quite ironic that it comes 24 hours after the FBI’s disastrous mistakes in the Florida school shooting that killed 17 students and teachers went public.

Look no further than the New York FBI and Mayor Bill de Blasio — the same entities who helped shield Hillary Clinton from prosecution and also covered up the Anthony Weiner laptop contents — to help rehab the embattled FBI’s image.

According to sources, Christian Toro and Thomas Toro were were arrested by FBI for disassembling fireworks to allegedly make bombs. Christian Toro apparently works at a school in Harlem and allegedly asked some students to remove the gunpowder from fireworks.

The school had a recent bomb threat too. We’re sure that will come into play somehow, although neither Torres apparently was charged for making the bomb threat.

Get your seat early.

Everybody loves a public perp walk.

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