Omarosa is a JOKE!

Just another self-serving sociopath who will lie and backstab when she doesn’t get her way

By Integrals  February 8, 2018

I was never a fan of The Apprentice when it was the highest rated television show for years on NBC.  I did watch it a few times though, and I remember thinking how I REALLY disliked Omarosa.  I could just tell she was a total self-serving vindictive person who would do anything to get to the top.  Now granted it was a competition, but is manipulating and backstabbing really the only way to succeed?  Is this the type of world we want to create for ourselves?  I guess people like that just really get under my skin.

So when Trump appointed her to be the US representative to Haiti I cringed.  Yeah one could argue that Trump had worked with her before and she has Haitian ties, so it should be a good fit right?  Well it didn’t take long to figure out what she was really up to while “representing Haiti”.

And on top of that, it became evident that she conducts herself just like all the other self-entitled “swamp creatures” that people are finally starting to be disgusted with.  Which led to her “resigning” from the White House staff and now she is ready to “spill the beans” and we should all be “frightened”.

But from the looks of it here’s the REAL reason why she left and is now “playing the victim”.

Omarosa is a JOKE!


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